matvienkoIn April 2017 starts the Third Pan-European Festival Marathon “From the Atlantics to the Pacific Ocean”. This significant political, public and cultural project aims to demonstrate unity of the cultural space of Big Europe.

Initiative to carry out the Festival Marathon belongs to Russian parliamentarians. That’s why it is a good tradition to carry it out under the aegis of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

Festival Marathon gained wide support far beyond Russian borders. In 2017 it stretches out of European borders. Year to year number of the Festival friends and supporters grows, more and more world-known famous people from cultural field and art support the Festival.

Modern information technologies allow carrying out festival marathon events at the most remote sights, attracting to participation countries of the Mediterranean and Asian-Pacific regions in which live over 3 billion people.

Symbolically, in 2017 stated in the Russian Federation a Year of Ecology, for the first time within the Festival Marathon there will be a large international contest with a motto “Culture is for green planet”.

I wish to all Festival participants luck and success, meet new friends, have high spirits and be well!

CHAIRMAN of the Federation Council
of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

Costas KADIS

cyprusI would like to greet the participants of the Festival Marathon and congratulate them for their contribution in this forward looking effort. In our times, every effort which reinforces intercultural dialogue and fosters peaceful coexistence should be cherished. The Festival Marathon which embraces countries and people of a very wide region works towards this direction.

All of us, regardless of national, ethnic and religious background should work together for the creation of a world where mutual respect and understanding prevails. The numerous cultural events, exhibitions, shows, screenings, discussions, etc build bridges and establish mutual understanding between the peoples of Europe and beyond. Cultural production and heritage should be regarded as a common good that needs to be supported and nurtured. Illustrating that European citizens and citizens of the neighbouring regions are, on one hand diverse and on the other hand interdependent, is very important.

I am glad that Cyprus is part of the route of activities of the Marathon with Paphos as the Cultural Capital of the 2017 and Nicosia. The inclusion of these two cities highlights the significance of Cyprus as a cultural crossroad of the Eastern Mediterranean. I wish a great success to the Festival Marathon.

The Minister of Education and Culture of Cyprus
Mr Costas KADIS


photo_verybig_65559Dear lady and gentleman,

I am glad to greet once again the participants of the regular Festival Marathon that will take place in May-June this year and will cover the whole Big Europe this time, from Vladivostok to Lisbon.

One of the main tasks of UNESCO is to encourage reinforcement of peace and safety with the help of enlargement of states and nations cooperation in the fields of education, science and culture. Regular Festival Marathon is an example of such enlargement of cooperation in the field of culture. In the modern fast changing world where artificial disputes are being imposed on nations and countries it’s crucial to save connecting thread which unites all of us. That’s why the Marathon which this time will go beyond the geographical borders of Europe and will start in 20-s of May in the Eastern Russian city Vladivostok one more time will underline this unbreakable bond and unity of nations, which live there, with Europe – Western, Southern, Eastern and Northern.

It’s obvious for us today that science has been moving the mankind to progress, and education and culture improve and educate society, gives it the knowledge about its native background. Today we all regardless the nation or citizenship should count on development and support of projects in the field of science, culture and education in order to live in civilized world and go forward.
I wish to all participants of the Second Pan-European Festival Marathon fruitful work within the conferences and discussions, vivid emotions and success!

Yours sincerely,
Director-General of UNESCO
Irina Bokova
(on the occasion of Second Pan-European
Festival Marathon, May-June 2015)


ФиннDear Friends

As the Chairman of the Parliamentary Finland-Russia friendship group, I wish to extend my greetings and congratulations to the organizers and participants of the Third Festival Marathon. Cultural exchange is a vital bridge between nations, building understanding and dialogue. It is the ultimate expression of our shared common humanity and should be encouraged, nourished and cherished. The high ideals of the UNESCO charter encourage governments, citizens and civic organizations to promote peace and understanding through cultural exchange.

Shared cultural experiences in creating, sharing and enjoying art enrich the lives of nations and individuals. In this spirit, I wish you all a successful series of cultural events and festivals.

MP, Chairman of the Parliamentary
Finland-Russia friendship group



Dear friends,

I’m glad to greet you at the opening of the Third Pan-European Festival Marathon “From the Atlantics to the Pacific Ocean”! Permanent motto of the marathon sounds – «For Big Europe without dividing lines». And it is topical again as such initiatives help to stabilize international environment and powerful cultural component activates integration processes in humanitarian field and helps to overcome tensions and misunderstandings. With the help of numerous concerts of national bands, exhibitions of fine arts, shows of document films and discussions dedicated to different aspects of European culture phenomenon, we are able to set so precious trust among nations of the continent. I’m sure that an opportunity to share freely with citizens of other countries your art and unique traditions should become a part of comprehensive principle of intercultural dialogue. It’s especially important that with the help of modern technologies thousands of people all over the world will be able to see all the events of the Festival. I wish to festival marathon organizers a successful realization of plans and to all participants – useful acquaintances and new professional achievements!

Подпись Мединского



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Dear friends,

For the third time Russian parliamentarian European Club and Eurasian Dialogue gather together those who care about our common European home that is stretching from the Atlantics to the Pacific Ocean.

Over 17 years have passed since 1999, when European Cub started in the State Duma of Russia as an inter-fraction deputy union. A lot of things have changed since then in our country and abroad – near-abroad and far-abroad. However our main common motto “For big Europe without dividing lines” became even more topical.

Today our Eurasian Club and created with its help Eurasian Dialogue base not only on members of the both chambers of the Federal Assembly of Russia, but unites politicians and public figures of Eurasian continent, attracts to its projects many Russian regions, carries out events of transcontinental level. The best evidence to it is another Pan-European Festival Marathon that starts this April and will spread from Lisbon to Vladivostok.

From me and my colleagues of the International Affairs Committee of the State RF Duma I wish a lot of successes in the fulfilment of such an important and necessary initiative as the Festival Marathon 2017!


Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

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Metropolitan HILARION

1IlarionDear friends!

I heartily greet organizers, participants and guests of the III Pan-European Festival Marathon “From the Atlantics to the Pacific Ocean”.

I’m very glad that good tradition of Festival marathons is strengthening. More and more people around the world join the lines of supporters and friends of this meaningful international event, representing different countries and communities.

And it doesn’t happen by chance as the Festival marathon is not simply a discussion sight where people exchange opinions, it is an agent of everlasting world values, mutual understanding, cooperation and unity that we lack so much in our uneasy times of wars, disputes and intolerance.

It’s a pleasure to see that together with general cultural events in the Marathon program in 2017 a lot of attention is paid to spiritual growth. In particular, within Mediterranean stage of the marathon on Cyprus for the first time there will be a video bridge with orthodox centers of Europe and Middle East dedicated to the Holy Holiday of Easter. Also in Nicosia there will be an orthodox exhibition in the Russian Center of Science and Culture.

I hope that Festival marathons in future will go on fulfilling their mission, uniting cultural spaces from Vladivostok to Lisbon.

I congratulate all of you with the coming holiday of Christ’s Easter, may God help organizers and participants in their hard and important work!

Подпись Илариона

Metropolitan Hilarion of Eastern America and New York, First Hierarch of Russian Orthodox Church abroad

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Maksim_GennadevichDear friends!

Capital of the Permsky kray, my native city of Perm, for the third time will participate in such an important international public and cultural event as the Festival Marathon “From the Atlantics to the Pacific Ocean”.

During almost three centuries the capital of the Western Ural has been one of the recognized centers of cultural life of our country. Today we go on developing these traditions.

Our writers and artists, musicians and actors are well-known far beyond Perm borders. Plays of Perm Theatre of Opera and Ballet, key cultural events – Dyagilev’s Festival, Kamva, Flaertiana, Arabesk – attract dozens of visitors from all parts of our country and abroad.

By the way, the main symbol of the Festival Marathon, its rod, was created by Perm masters and made in Perm from titanium and ancient wood of Perm geological period which age exceeded hundreds millions years.

It’s a great honor for us that this year Marathon will start in Perm State University of Culture and Art. I think it’s symbolic as over 40 years here we’ve been training specialists for cultural field, including students from other countries.

I’m sure that starting in Perm, the Festival Marathon will become a real large-scale movement and again will prove that there are no political and geographical borders for cultural mutual enrichment.

From my whole heart I wish to organizers and participants of the Third Pan-European Festival Marathon success, interesting projects and endless inspiration!

Подпиьс Решетникова

Associate governor of  Permsky Kray

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 Anatoly  KARPOV


Dear participants of the Third Pan-European Festival Marathon “From the Atlantics to the Pacific Ocean”,

On the behalf of the International Association of the World Funds I greet participants and organizers of the Third Pan-European Festival Marathon.

I’m glad that Pan-European marathons have become a good tradition and arise more and more interest. Year on year Marathon borders enlarge, number of its friends increase, but its main motto stays: “For Big Europe without dividing lines”.

This movement may become a good basis to strengthen peace and cooperation among nations and dialogue of cultures will strengthen understanding among us.

I wish all the participants peace and kindness, new interesting meetings and fulfillment of plans, well being and joyful spirits.

Yours sincerely,
Deputy Chairman of the International Affairs Committee,

President of the International Association of the World Funds,

Multi World Champion in Chess
A.E. KarpovПодпись карпов

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Шахназаров ф

Dear friends!

Today world is shaken by different social and political catastrophes and it’s very important to carry out such a wide-scale cultural even on the international level.

Each year marathon enlarges its program, involving more and more participants, supporters and guests. Festival doesn’t simply familiarize with history, economy and culture of nations that live on the vast space from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, but on practice implements its motto – For Big Europe without dividing lines.

I hope that this festival marathon will become a good tradition and it will help to enlarge multisided cooperation and collaboration between Russia and Europe!

With deep respect, Подпись шахназарова
General Director of cinema corporate group Mosfilm Film director K.G.Shakhnazarov

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Konstantin KOSACHEV


I heartily greet participants of the Third Pan-European Festival Marathon “From the Atlantics to the Pacific Ocean”!

It’s great that such event has become a good tradition that unites cultures and societies, hearts and minds of people on a vast territory. Year on year number of the Marathon participants grows and they all share its motto: “For unity of cultural space in Big Europe”.

The Federation Council Committee on International Affairs constantly supports this great initiative and participates in it. I consider that it’s our common response to everybody who tries to make new dividing lines on the continent. The initiative makes true a long-standing dream of Europeans about united space from Lisbon to Vladivostok and right in front of our eyes it becomes a cultural reality with the help of Marathon organizers and participants.

I heartily wish to everyone involved into the Third Pan-European Festival Marathon “From the Atlantics to the Pacific Ocean” success, high spirits and welcoming support all along the route. подпись косачева

Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs,  K.I.Kosachev

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Dear friends!

On the behalf of Rossotrudnichestvo I greet participants, guests and organizers of the Third Pan-European Festival Marathon “From the Atlantics to the Pacific Ocean”!

It’s a pleasure to see that today we have enthusiasts who can on practice implement an idea of an international holiday without political and geographical borders.

I’m absolutely sure that creative work nowadays is one of the most important ways of communication and mutual understanding for people. Political and economical conditions can change, but one thing stays untouched: art will always be necessary for people who want to know and understand those who live in other countries.

Year on year Pan-European Marathon proves that such initiatives are needed in different states and for people of different religions and cultural traditions. In the modern conditions, I guess, it’s more important than ever to support such initiatives that unite all of us.

Noteworthy, the Festival is forming its agenda, proving its significance and attracting more and more of new participants from the Atlantics to the Pacific Ocean.

We aim to go on supporting the Pan-European Festival Marathon which encourages enlargement of cultural cooperation among foreign countries and Russian regions.
I’m sincerely hoping that in the nearest future this initiative will gain all-world character.

Head of the Federal Agency Rossotrudnichestvo Подпись Глебовой1


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Печенкин 1

Dear friends and colleagues,

I greet you heartily and congratulate with the start of the Third Pan-European Festival Marathon.

The International Festival of the documentary films Flaertiana has been supporting the Pan-European Marathons from the first year when it was carried out. Then in 2014 in Prague we showed documentary film made in Russia. The event was very successful.

Values that are promoted within the Marathon are close to us. Enlightenment, culture without borders, open dialogue – all these refers to the goals of Flaertiana. Every year we gather in the very heart of Russia and Ural – in Perm – guests from the whole world to show and discuss the best documentary films of the previous year. And it’s interesting that we all speak in one language, language of documentary film and art, regardless what native country we are from. This language is capable to unite people, it gives common vocabulary of values. That’s why we support and understand the idea of Pan-European Festival Marathon so much.

I wish to all the participants of the Third Pan-European Festival Marathon be sensitive and responsive to each other and to something new. What we are going to do and discuss here is very important for each of us. For the whole world.

Successes!Подпись Печенкина

Flaertiana President,

film director P.Pechenkin

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Vladimir TOLSTOY


Dear friends!

In April 2017 under the initiative of Russian Eurasian Dialogue the third Pan-European Festival Marathon takes place. Its main motto still remains the statement – “For Big Europe without dividing lines”. Thousands of people in many countries of Eurasian continent with the help of modern communication technologies will be able to become the witnesses of this important public event.

Marathon route will lay from the Atlantics to the Pacific Ocean and the main attention of participants will be paid to the role of culture in keeping environment for man’s life. This topic being accordant to goals and objectives of Ecology Year in Russia in 2017 is aimed to unite efforts of people from cultural field, of those who want to preserve our planet regardless citizenship, nationality, religion or political views.

Civil initiative of transcontinental festival marathons each year gains more and more supporters in the regions of Russian and abroad. Among them – school students from Portugal, students of Finland, parliamentarians and culture figures of European countries. I’m sure that another Marathon will multiply number of friends of this great project and will help to strengthen integration of humanitarian Eurasian space.

I wish all the participants and organizers of the Third Pan-European Festival Marathon great success in their big and noble work.

Presidential adviser of RussiaПодпись


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To all organizers and participants of the Pan-European Festival Marathon.


Dear friends and likeminded people,

I would like to wish everyone success at such challenging, but necessary festival.

May your efforts help our country and all nations!

«Culture is for green planet!»

First deputy of Cultural Committee Chairman Подпись2in State Duma of Russian Federation,
People’s Artist of the USSR

Iosif Kobzon

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