The following route is being planned for the Third Festival Marathon:

– 07.04 – Perm as a starting point (where the previous Marathon has finished);

– 10.04 – 11.04 – Lisbon / Island of Madeira (the furthest Western point of the route);

– 14.04 – 16.04 – Pathos (Cultural Capital of the EU-2017) and Nicosia – cultural crossroads of the Eastern Mediterranean;

– 17-18.04 – Helsinki (The 100-year Anniversary of independence of Finland);

– 20.04 – Moscow;

– 21.04 – Vladivostok – final point – (the furthest Eastern point of the route).

The final part of the Third Marathon will be its special feature – Cultural Forum of the Big Europe and Asia-Pacific countries in Vladivostok. This idea has already found the support of UNESCO and of the Cultural Council of the ICAPP (International Conference of the Asian Political Parties).

It is planned by organizers to attract possible wide range of participants in all continents through Russian centers for culture and science in different countries by using modern mobile technologies, including Internet.