Логотип IVThe IV Festival Marathon is scheduled for April-May 2019. This Marathon will be devoted to the problems of preserving historical and cultural values. http://webbanki.ru/zaim-s-18-let.

It is planned to connect to participation in the Marathon cities not only from Russia and the European Union, but also European cities that are not members of the EU, as well as Asian countries.

As the core event of the 2019 Festival Marathon, it is planned to hold a large international photo contest (within the PHOTODIPLOMACY-2019 project) dedicated to the preservation of the historical and cultural values ​​of humanity, as well as a number of round tables and conferences on this topic.

It is also planned to include in the Marathon-2019 route visits to places recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage sites or aspiring to it, and relevant museums (exhibitions, expositions) in cities of Europe and Asia. Traditionally it is also planed to organize concert programs on the route.

Preliminary route of the IV Marathon

Preliminary Program of the IV Marathon