Pan-European Festival Marathon

Pan-European Festival Marathons have been held on initiative of the Russian parliamentary “Euro-Asian Dialogue” and under the aegis of UNESCO since 2014.

We call upon the unity of the Big Europe and Asia.

The Third Pan-European Festival Marathon is planned in April, 2017 and the motto of the Third Marathon will be “Culture for green planet”.

The route of the Marathon will lay from the Atlantic to the Pacific to finish in Vladivostok on April, 20-23.  The final part of the Third Marathon will be its special feature – an International Internet-conference on cultural dialogue between the Big Europe and Asia-Pacific countries.

Organizers expect parliamentarians, representatives of the ministries and organizations from countries of Europe and Asia Pacific will take part both in Marathon and Internet-Conference.

Organizers welcome any ideas and suggestions to disclose the main motto of the Marathon and to eliminate artificial dividing lines between cultures and nations.